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As furniture manufacturers, we believe in flexibility when it comes to the work we carry out. Our production facilities in Mansfield span 220,000sqft across five sites, giving us the flexibility to work across a diverse range of sectors - from manufacturing fitted bedroom and kitchen furniture to specialist school, hospital and laboratory furniture and storage solutions.

We have the furniture manufacture flexibility to meet periods of high demand and increase production by operating night shifts. This means we can respond to order size variations whilst maintaining our high standards of quality and efficiency.


We have a highly skilled workforce and our employees are committed to producing furniture to exceptional standards and fully assembled in our controlled factory environment. Our confidence in the quality of our furniture manufacturing enables us to offer the reassurance of generous guarantees.


  • Deanestor furniture manufacture is made from responsibly sourced materials
  • We are proud of our established and environmentally accredited supply chain
  • Wood waste from our manufacturing processes is used to heat the factory via the Biomass burner
  • Our furniture is manufactured and assembled in our Nottinghamshire factory, by skilled craftspeople
  • Quality and durability are key to our design and manufacturing processes
  • Furniture is glued, dowelled, assembled in the factory to ensure quality superior to flat pack systems
  • Our family business is built upon a longstanding reputation for quality and service - and a high level of repeat business.



To find out more please email [email protected].