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Deanestor has a sound environmental policy and we are fully FSC accredited and ISO 14001 certified. We use wood from responsible sources and we are audited yearly by BM Trada.

As part of our sustainability commitments to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment, we heat our entire factory in Mansfield 365 days a year using a biomass boiler fuelled by wood waste from our furniture manufacturing processes. This replaced an oil-fired heating system and avoids the need for fossil fuels to heat the factory. It generates significant savings in carbon emissions and there is zero waste to landfill.


The carbon neutral energy maintains a constant temperature in the factory all year round by returning and circulating heat back into the manufacturing facility. The heat is generated from wood, edging and solid surface waste and is a highly sustainable solution to waste management.


Our ongoing improvements help to protect the environment and are economically sound, helping us to continue to provide good value for our customers.


To view Deanestor environmental policy or to find out more please contact us or email: [email protected]